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Thread: Error: Cannot find GL/glut.h

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    Error: Cannot find GL/glut.h

    I am trying to use make with OS X 10.9 for a file that requires OpenGL. I am getting this error:

    make -f makefile
    g++ -c ./src/SEDG/se_aint.cpp -o se_aint.o -Wall -O2
    In file included from ./src/SEDG/se_aint.cpp:1:
    In file included from ./src/SEDG/sedge.h:74:
    ./src/SEDG/se_graph.h:3:11: fatal error: 'GL/glut.h' file not found
    # include <GL/glut.h>
    1 error generated.

    Can anyone help resolve this error?


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    Look in /usr/include/GL/. Is there a glut.h? If not, install the freeglut package.

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