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Thread: Non-C implementations of GL

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    Non-C implementations of GL


    I couldn't really see where this goes, we could do with an "implementers" forum.

    Anyway, I was reading through parts of the OpenGL ES 1.x spec last night and it got me wondering whether it would be possible to implement GL, or even a subset, using a language other than some C or C-derived language.

    Are there any in existance, can anyone point one out to me? I'm intrigued by the bit in the spec that states that some data types will be converted to the correct type, I'm not sure if that means the C compiler will do that, as it will in some cases. I'm also wondering if it's possible to implement using a strongly typed language.

    I'm also thinking about writing a toy GL (in a strongly typed language) which has some basic rendering in it, glVertex/Normal and colours, z buffer, depth buffer, etc. and I'm wondering where to start tbh.

    Luke A. Guest

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