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Thread: Billboard issue

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    Billboard issue

    Hello, I'm starting to develop a poc with the main features of a turn-based RPG similar to Breath of Fire 4, a mixture of 3D environment.

    I am currently facing a rendering problem. In our game, the character is a sprite rendered on a plane, living in a 3D world. The plane is a billboard always facing the camera, camera which is over his head. So, the plane is almost horizontal to show a character standing vertically. It provokes visual problems when the billboard goes through a wall:

    I had tried the solution leaving the rotation matrix of the billboard "upright", worked well, but of course depending on the height and angle of the camera toward the billboard it gets kinda flat.
    I read that one solution would be to create a fragment shader that relies on a depth texture, I searched a lot in internet and could not find much. Could you help me with some article or anything that puts me in the right direction?
    Thank you.
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