I wrote an OpenGL ES command streaming framework for embedded systems - "gl-streaming".

It is intended to make it possible to execute OpenGL programs on a embedded system which has no GPU.

It is a server-client execution model of OpenGL like the function of GLX, but it is completely independent of X server and GLX, so it runs on a embedded system which doesn't support X and GLX.

The client executes a OpenGL program, but does not execute OpenGL commands.
It simply sends the OpenGL commands to the server over network, so the client system does not need to have a GPU.

The server recieves OpenGL commands, executes them, and displays graphics to the monitor connected to the server system.

gl-streaming is...

It runs at 60 frames per second.

The source tarball size is below 30KB !

The gl_server consumes only 2MB RAM!

"low latency"
Its performance is suitable for gaming.

source code & demo

If you are interested in this project, please post a comment.

Thank you.