Hi All,

I am very new to EGL and OpenGLES2.0. I know this forum is dedicated for OpenGL but I have no where to post my question except this one so please understand.

I have two fb devices (fb0, fb1) on my embedded linux system running ARM core. Everytime my apps run, they always use fb0 as default display output. Now I want to change it to fb1. I traced the egl code and I found two things that may result to that:

- Macro: #define EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY (EGLNativeDisplayType)0
- Function call: EGLDisplay eglGetDisplay(EGLNativeDisplayType display_id)

About the macro, is there a way to point it to fb1?
About the call, how to use it to return a fb1 device or how to map EGLDisplay with fb1?

Any answers or advice are highly appreciated!
Please correct if my understanding is incorrect!

Thank you very much!