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Thread: Came from DarkGDK

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    Came from DarkGDK

    I was creating a really basic turn-based 2D isometric strategy game using DarkGDK with Visual Studio C++ 2008. The nice thing about DarkGDK is that it took care of the graphics functions in addition to the networking functions. However, it is currently not support any more and I would like to switch over my project to OpenGL.

    However, OpenGL appears to only contain functions for handling graphics. What are you using to handle data transfer between two computers over TCP/IP?

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    If you want to make games (as opposed to do graphics programming) I'd recommend finding something that is higher level than OpenGL, which is (intentionally) a very low interface to the graphics hardware. For networking you could use for example Boost.ASIO or zeromq or the sockets API directly. Please note that this question is off-topic for this forum though, it's not a game programming forum, which may be a better place for you to ask.

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