So I'm wanting to fix something with the Minecraft GLSL mod. Sadly i think the way i'ts being exicuted is outdated. Right now the minecraft forums aren't helping so i thought this would be the next best thing. now i want to fix the normal mapping. right now it is using one image which causes a few probloms.

1: this would prevent modders from having their own bump maps for their costom blocks.

2: animations can't be done. (the way it's done is in a downward tile format)

3: (this is just my oppinion) calculations for the normal mapping creators in photoshop and gimp may not look as good due to the blocks next to each other.

so here is my way of fixing some of these things.

1: make opengl look for image files that have the name "_n" then match the names up. (like 'dirt.png' and dirt_n.png) to apply the map

2: for animation blocks. have opengl look at the width of the image (this is due to high rez texture packs) then have it calculate individual tiles to create the animation

now i'm using/analysing something called Sasukedll7170s Ultra' Shader Pack as a reference. Now also i'm a noob as opengl/glsl, but looking at programing codes it feels simaler to C++ so i'll have some knowlage on how to help.