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Thread: created a shader error checker

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    created a shader error checker
    hi i created a simple shader error checker. it takes in shaders and compiles them and spits out the error log. if they pass compilation it will link them and spit out the linking log. to compile it type
    Code :
    gcc -std=c99 main.c gl_core_4_3.c -lX11 -lGL
    it takes command line arguments. the first argument is a string of characters with each character representing a shader type.
    v = vertex shader
    f = fragment shader
    c = tesselation control shader
    e = tesselation evaluation shader
    g = geometry shader
    then you list all of your files in the order given in the first string. the number of files must be equal to the number of characters in the string.
    Code :
    ./a.out vf vshader fshader
    if you find any bugs let me know, i hope that some people will like this and maybe use it.
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