The title says it all. What I'm up for is making a 2d platformer game in which the zoom of the camera would be adjusted for each level. When I implemented this feature, everything that I render started to shimmer once OpenGL has to pick a pixel out of few pixels. I googled it and I found that the way to fix something likes this is with specific texture filtering. However, I tried few of them and none of them seemed to work the way I wanted them to. They make the shimmering go away, however since I'm using 8x and 16x textures mainly, it causes them to be blur, which is another thing I don't want. When I use GL_NEAREST as my mag, min filter, there is shimmering. When I use GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_NEAREST, for some reason textures look as if they are filtered with GL_LINEAR filter.

So the thing I'm trying to accomplish is fix shimmering once zoom in/out and keep the blockiness of the textures.