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Thread: acoustics library

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    acoustics library

    Im wondering if there is a physics library in opengl that will render light particles with an inverse similar to sound. Im trying to simulate a loudspeaker in a room. The loudspeaker has different loudness per each angle 180x360. This would later be rendered onto an object.

    Any thoughts,


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    ummm. what you describe is sort of vague... OpenGL is simply an API to access the GPU. It's not a physics or sound code base, except for the lighting equations in the shader code. That's about the only part about it that counts as physics. However... if you want to connect sound to the visuals you can use the fMod audio library. The FFT(fast fourier transform) example code in the SDK will map the sound buffer so you can connect it to what you see on screen, particles for instance. It's free to use if your publish for free. There are also several source code example for doing this kicking around but I've seen nothing that is as easy to implement as fMod is. The API is just as easy to use as OpenAL, but OpenAL doesn't give access to the sound buffer as far as I know.

    If you want any more ideas from people you will have to explain what you want to do in more detail.

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