I need to help with multi texturing. I wanna more then 4 textures and also using shader color for changing texture color(look to following img)

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Currently I'm using textures based on height (3: grass[base], rock, snow). I read they using vec4 to combine one texture per channel, this mean just 4 textures, how to do more textures?

Current GLSL:
Code :
    vec2 uvNear, uvFar;
    nearAndFarTexCoords(uvNear, uvFar);
    float textureDistanceFactor = textureDistanceBlendFactor();
    // Get grass texture color
    vec4 grassNear  = texture(grassTexture, uvNear);
    vec4 grassFar   = texture(grassTexture, texCoords);
    vec4 grassColor = mix(grassNear, grassFar, textureDistanceFactor);
    // Get rock texture color
    vec4 rockNear  = texture(rockTexture, uvNear);
    vec4 rockFar   = texture(rockTexture, uvFar);
    vec4 rockColor = mix(rockNear, rockFar, textureDistanceFactor);
    // Blend rock and grass texture based upon the worldNormal vector
    vec4 grassRockColor = mix(rockColor, grassColor, smoothstep(0.75, 0.95, clamp(worldNormal.y, 0.0, 1.0)));
    // Now blend with snow based upon world height
    vec4 snowNear  = texture(snowTexture, uvNear);
    vec4 snowFar   = texture(snowTexture, 5.0 * uvFar);
    vec4 snowColor = mix(snowNear, snowFar, textureDistanceFactor);
    vec4 diffuseColor = mix(grassRockColor, snowColor, smoothstep(10.0, 15.0, worldPosition.y));
    // Calculate the lighting model, keeping the specular component separate
    vec3 ambientAndDiff, spec;
    phongModel(ambientAndDiff, spec);
    vec4 color = vec4(ambientAndDiff, 1.0) * diffuseColor + vec4(spec, 1.0);