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Thread: glslDevil crashing app

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    glslDevil crashing app


    I develop a OpenGL app using freeGlut and glew. I'm trying to profil my app with glslDevil but when running my app through glslDevil it crashes at the first call of glGenVertexArrays().
    The app runs fine when just running it as debug or .exe.

    Does anyone have an idead what could be wrong?
    Thanks in advance!

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    glslDevil has notbeen updated for a while. Are you sure it even supports OpenGL 3.0 and later? From the website: "Which GLSL extensions are supported by glslDevil?
    Additional to GLSL version 1.2 the following extensions are supported:..:" Which means only the GLSL version from OpenGL 2.1 is supported... VAOs came in OpenGL 3.0.

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