This is my first post.

As a part of my thesis, I need to visualize burrs ( the protruding surface defects in manufacturing) on a surface. First of all, in deburring application, we remove burrs. I will try to do virtual equivalent of this system.

When the tool (deburring media) touches the burr, it removes it in a rate we call feed rate. During this operation, we may need the volume removed per second in a direction.

My questions are:
1- How can I randomly generate some protruding burrs on or along a surface?
2- Which method should I use, I mean, to draw them in 3D? Volume rendering, I mean marching cubes etc. ?

Due to the fact that I'm a mechanical engineer and have a very limited knowledge on opengl and computer graphics, I figured that it would be more easy if you guide me guys.

Thanks in advance,