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Thread: 1k triangles at 60fps - acceptable?

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    Question 1k triangles at 60fps - acceptable?

    Hello everyone!

    Yesterday I've played around a little bit with OpenGL and one thing astounded me: I can only draw 1k triangles before I reach 60fps border. That's only 60k triangles per second, not much in my book.

    Is this acceptable/expected performance and I should strive to reduce the number of vertices that are processed? Or I am doing something terribly wrong with the API?

    * Vertices in buffer: 3000
    * Vertices type: 3 x GL_FLOAT
    * Draw method: glDrawArrays (no indexing)
    * Buffer usage type: GL_STATIC_DRAW (not updated every frame, obviously)
    * Shaders: simplistic (pass through + constant color)
    * Textures: no
    * Multisampling: no
    * Blending: no
    * Depth: no
    * Explicit synchronization: no
    * GPU Perf Monitor CPU time: 0.2%
    * GPU Perf Monitor GPU time: 99%
    * GPU Perf Monitor GPU utilization: low!
    * Windowed: yes (640x480)
    * Machine: Radeon HD 4850 (512 MB), AMD Phenom X2, 6GB
    * OpenGL version: Core OpenGL 3.3
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