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Thread: Does anybody use AntTweakBar here string question

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    Does anybody use AntTweakBar here string question

    Im tryingto use AnttweakBar in my application I having trouble with loading strings, I have asked for help on there forum but it doesnt appear very active so Im posting here and hoping for the best

    Here my code:
    in_mm_res_to_string(x_buffer, x, units);
    "%s %s", x_buffer, units);
    "X:", TW_TYPE_CSSTRING(sizeof(buffer)), buffer, "");

    Basically when I run the debigger The data is in the buffer correctly but it is not being displayed in the tweakbar ( im getting just garbage )

    Thanks for your help


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    I don't use AntTweakBar but this sort of problem often comes from it not finding the font texture. I would check if the font texture is loaded correctly

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