With the help of the forum it was possible for me to control the render quality of the graphical output out of an application. The only missing color in my rainbow is a problem, that has no adequate solution up to now. Most of the objects I display are rendered as GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP. The result in the screen has always stitches as diagonal lines along the triangle borders. Even tesselated surfaces like a font set created with 'wglUseFontOutlines' show stitches. The only possibility for the moment is to set the graphics adapter hardware (NVIDIA) to at least 4 times anitaliasing. I think, it cannot be a solution for a user to adjust the hardware to get rid of this problem. So I assume there is a possibility to set OGL into a mode which let the stitches disappear. My question is: What black magic do I have to use to get rid of stitches along triangle borders?
Thanks in advance,