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Thread: Basic 2D car game problem

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    Basic 2D car game problem

    I'm programming the typical 2d car game in c++ with glut and opengl and i'm trying to acommplish this:

    1. Two quads (4 tris), one for the circuit, the other for the car
    2. The quad of the circuit has a texture of a circuit in his top view and is static, while the quad of the car has a texture of a car in a top view too and is not static

    Circuit (example)
    Car (example)

    That more or less i know how to do it but, here's my questions:

    3. The car is like a "vector", if I press UP it goes in the positive direction of his vector, if I press DOWN goes in reverse direction and if I press RIGHT or LEFT the vector rotates a few grades and growing (something like the ++ in C++)

    4. Could I have a chase cam with it? So only a ceratin area will apear in the screen (where the car is, not the full map

    How I could do that? I'm not asking for a complete source code, just the way of how to do it

    Also OpenAL website does not work, there's other option apart of OpenAL

    Thank you very much!
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