I'm trying to render the geometry that is shown in the following screenshot (wireframe mode):

Click image for larger version. 

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This geometry is issued from dynamic tessellation, with fixed tessellation factors. As you can see, all vertices nicely join up, the geometry is "watertight".

Now let's see what this geometry looks like when rendered with a specific camera.

In filled triangles mode:

Name:  test_output_1175_filled_cropped.png
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In wireframe mode:

Name:  test_output_1175_wireframe_cropped.png
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Backface culling is disabled in both cases.

What a surprise! The GPU rasterizes more fragments/pixels in wireframe mode! It doesn't join up everything together when in filled triangle mode. In other words, filled geometry != wireframe fragments + some more fragments. How come?!
Is this expected? I don't see any bug on my side so far.
I'm on nVidia GTS 450 hardware and 320.18 drivers.