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Thread: glew does not fetch glDrawArraysInstancedBaseInstance

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    glew does not fetch glDrawArraysInstancedBaseInstance

    I'm trying to use glDrawArraysInstancedBaseInstance but the linker complains that __glewDrawArraysInstancedBaseInstance is unresolved.
    glew-1.9.0 is installed on the machine and as far as I can tell, it should be linking it.
    As temporary work around, I'm just fetching the function myself, which works. But it does not help me understand why glew does not appear to be working for that function.
    And actually glew does not appear to be working for anything opengl 3.3+
    I'm using glfw to create my window and a 4.3 core profile context
    My system:
    NVidia gtx 550 ti, with latest drivers
    Ubuntu 12.04

    Using CMake for the make files and in CMakeLists.txt
    target_link_libraries(app GL GLU GLEW glfw)

    glewExperimental = true; before glewInit()

    to verify that the function is available.

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