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Thread: how to start & implents games with OpenGL?

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    how to start & implents games with OpenGL?

    hi.......Respected to EveryOne.

    i developed small games in COCOS2D.
    Now i want to apply effects & animations on that.
    Which is the best , are any easiest way for doing this please suggests me.

    i am completely to newie to thisForum & OpenGL also.
    Please suggests me for solving this

    Thanks Inadvance.

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    I'd recommend you first decide if you want to make games or do graphics programming for games, they are related but different tasks. If you want to make games use an existing game engine (there are free ones, e.g. unity). If you want to learn graphics programming using OpenGL start with one of the tutorials linked from the wiki.

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    Thank You For Your Response
    Thanks for your explanation & clarified myself.
    I want to develop games in COCOS2D framewrok alongwith these i need special effects & animation's on that .
    So for this what i should i follow & how to use this with objective-c

    Thanks Inadvance

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