I startet lerning DirectX and wasnīt sadisfied...
So i wanted to switch to OpenGL.

but there are two Questions that i canīt find an Answer for.
1.) if i create a Programm that should have a wide target range, i would use DirectX 9. But on OpenGL, as far as i know, would that be OpenGL 2.x, but the context in writing changed a lot with 3.x... so, should i lern 2.x and start again lerning 3.x/4.x when i decide to write a program with a more modern look?
Or is it possible to use OpenGL 4.3 and write a context that 2.x compatible?

2.) On Windows XP DirectX is limited to version 9, but does this limitation is the same for Opengl?
If the drivers and the Grafikcard are supporting OpenGL 3.x or 4.x, then it should be possible, or am I wrong?

sorry for my bad english... i had an hard day reading... and english isīnt my natural language.