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Thread: Tiled Resources like a better version of tiled resources in DirectX 11.2

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    Lightbulb Tiled Resources like a better version of tiled resources in DirectX 11.2

    DirectX11.2 has an interesting feature,
    it's called tiled resources

    Massive Virtual Textures for Games: Direct3D Tiled Resources

    Tiled Resources where hardware and API take care of most of the managing of the tiles.
    Dynamic loading of tiles with hardware works better than previous software approaches.
    Allows more efficient use of memory.
    Would like to be able to specify to always load the mipmap of the upper level.
    When developing counterpart allow for automatic mipmap fall-back with just fall further up to the upper, least detailed mipmap or what's behind it or a default color or something.

    If the software problem of having to do overlapping borders is also affecting OpenGL using software algorithms please provide things to having to avoid doing this without hardware tiled resources.

    And being able to interact, overwrite buffering algorithm for each tiled resource individually.
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