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Thread: unbound sampler declaration andd GLSL shader code

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    unbound sampler declaration andd GLSL shader code


    I have the following code:

    Code :
    uniform int isBound;
    uniform usampler2D myImage;
    if (isBound == 1)
        do something with myImage, calls texelFetch;
        do something without using myImage;
    Is this allowed to leave sampler uniforms effectively not bound to anything, at certain times?
    Sorry if this question seems obvious but I have a bug whereby a single texelFetch, not executed in my code (because isBound is 0), causes my shader to freeze. Although never executed, commenting out the texelFetch call indeed removes the issue. I suspect either a GLSL compiler issue as my shader code is very complex (> 2000 lines), or a driver issue. Even more likely, a problem with my code

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