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Thread: GLM: Strange function matching on XCode

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    GLM: Strange function matching on XCode

    Dear members

    I'll start using GLM on Mac OS X, i'd using never before on a other platform.

    In the user guide from source directory i typed the following code:
    Code :
    #include <iostream>
    #define GLM_FORCE_CXX11
    #include <glm/glm.hpp>
    #include <glm/gtc/matrix_transform.hpp>
    using namespace glm;
    mat4 transform(
                        vec2 const & Orientation,
                        vec2 const & Translate,
                        vec2 const & Up
        mat4 Projection = perspective(45.0f,4.0f/3.0f,0.1f, 10.0f);
        mat4 ViewTranslate = translate(mat4(0.0f), Translate);
        mat4 ViewRotateX = rotate(ViewTranslate, Orientation.y, Up);
        mat4 Model = mat4(1.0f);
        return Projection * Model;

    When I try to compile this there are 2 strange Errors:
    No matching function for call translate() and rotate(), but the function above 'perspective' are ok.

    I've opened the file matrix_transform.hpp and compared the function names, they are identical.
    I using a mac os x 10.9 with xcode 5 (LLVM 3).

    Thanks for any idea.

    Best regards

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    Solved, Xcode problem.

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