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Thread: multiple vertex array buffers

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    multiple vertex array buffers

    hi all.
    i am reading the new opengl programming guide (does anyone else find it hard to follow?) and suddenly an example starts using multiple vertex atrributes with multiple vertex array buffers. from what i read on the internet im given to believe that as long as you setup and enable the attribute it doesnt matter whether or not it's related is bound to the GL_ARRAY_BUFFER target. so does this mean, that when excecuting a drawing command the values are passed simultaneously to their respected attributes? can you have the number of verteices in your drawing command exceed one of the buffers? also if using an indexed drawing command, does this mean that both attributes are indexed?

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    You seem confused about vertex buffers. You can have different vertex buffers to draw different objects and you can have multiple buffers for the different parts of a vertex for an object; eg one for the position and other for the colour. In the second case each buffer has the same number of entries.

    can you have the number of verteices in your drawing command exceed one of the buffers

    don't do this it will give unpredictable results.

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