Hello, I'm having a bit of difficulty compiling and running the tutorials of The OpenGL Programming Guide with MinGW. I know the code is incomplete but I'd still like to at least be able to run some OpenGL code to see if I've set up OpenGL correctly as well as be able to experiment with OpenGL a bit also.

I saw there was a Makefile in the main directory but when I try and invoke make I get this error:
Code :
for d in 01 10 ; do ( cd $d ; mingw32-make default ) ; done
d was unexpected at this time.
Makefile:11: recipe for target 'default' failed
mingw32-make: *** [default] Error 255

The code is on the website, www.opengl-redbook.com. I'd just like to know how to compile the code from the chapters like Chapter 3 through MinGW but have no idea where to start.

As for my set-up I've set up FreeGlut from the lazyfoo tutorials.

This is the second third-party library I've used, SDL being the first through the spoon-feeding of lazyfoo tutorials. Any help or advice would be vastly appreciated.