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Thread: Model from converted OBJ Help

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    Model from converted OBJ Help


    First post to forum. I'm rather new to openGL. I'm using a simulator that employs openGl for all of its modeling and am trying to learn how to add my own things to it. I want to get good enough that I can make vehicles (like airplanes!) and to get started I used AutoCad and or Solidworks to make my easy model which I then converted into a format that Blender could use which I then converted into OBJ. I then parsed that data using MATLAB(I know noob status..should have used c/c++) into a series of glVertex3f,glNormal3f for each group(or model piece). I did this because other models in the simulator appeared to have been generated the same. My issue now is that now that I have a very long series of glVertices and Normals is that the model does not look very appealing. Here are two issues that I have ran into and I am hoping some one can clarify what I should do in order to fix:
    1- Each modeled piece or group I see the triangles and what I would like to see is just a single piece with color..I don't want to see outlines of all the triangles.
    2- When I tried to add color/texture to each group I would still see the outlines of the triangles but with color. But the big issue is on the opposite side it would be invisible. So looking from one side I would see a gross colored model but from the other side I could see right through.

    What am I doing wrong? Thank you. I attached a model of something I made (outside of the simulator)

    If the link doesn't work I put an image on my old website here:

    any tips would be appreciated !!


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    I would try learning from some of the tutorials on the web so you know the OpenGL fundamentals.

    I don't want to see outlines of all the triangles

    This is caused by wireframe being enabled

    opposite side it would be invisible
    This is caused by culling being enabled

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