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Thread: glBlendEquationSeparateRGBA

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    Currently, the alpha in color blending has far more flexible roles that the other channels, RGB. This is actually 2 parts:

    First part, a new function:

    Code :
    GLenum red_src_factor, GLenum red_dst_factor, 
    GLenum green_src_factor, GLenum green_dst_factor, 
    GLenum blue_src_factor, GLenum blue_dst_factor, 
    GLenum alpha_src_factor, GLenum alpha_dst_factor)

    which specifies the factors for blending separately for each color channel.

    In addition, a smash of new enumerations for using each of the channels, separately:

    Code :
    and similar ones for GREEN and BLUE.

    A logical convention for the using current non-alpha factors with the new function would be that to just use the component, for example passing GL_SRC for red_src_factor or red_dest_factor would be same as GL_SRC_RED, and so on.

    Naturally this extends to glBlendFunci as well.
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