I am trying to implement VSM Shadow Maps with OpenGL 3.3.
Everything worked fine so far but now I have the same problem as OniDaito who created this thread in 2011: http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boa...lloff-inverted

My VSM code is based on this tutorial (fabiensanglard.net/shadowmappingVSM/index.php) and it's basically plain VSM with a Gussian blur applied to it.

Fragment Shader:

If I use "return max(p_max, 0.4);" in chebyshevUpperBound(), I get this result:

If i use "return max(1.0 - p_max, 0.0);", this result: (proposed in the above mentioned thread from 2011)

The first one looks pretty good but the gradient/falloff is inverted. (The shadow is bright close to the object and dark farther away)

Has anyone an idea on how to fix this?

PS: I am sorry for not using [IMG] and [CODE]. The forum complained always about "too many URL's and forbidden words". Probably a mod can fix this when he sees it.