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Thread: uniform struct array

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    uniform struct array

    Hi, all.

    I try to write a structure and declare an array as follow :

    Code :
    struct ShadowMapping
    	mat4            light_coordinate_system;
    	sampler2DShadow shadow_map;
    	int             shadow_map_width;
    	int             shadow_map_height;
    //shadow mapping info
    uniform ShadowMapping shadow_mapping_list[8]; //declaration
    uniform int           shadow_mapping_number;

    Then I use the array in my shading program(fragment shader).

    If the condition in for loop is large than 1, I won't get all location of variables in my shader.

    So how can I use the uniform struct array in my shader?

    P.S. I post my code occurring the problem.

    Code :
            int i;
            for( i = 0 ; i < shadow_mapping_number ; i++)//if I modify the shadow_mapping_number to a constant 1, it's working. Otherwise, it's failure.
    		//use the uniform struct array by the form : shadow_mapping_list[i].light_coordinate_system, and etc... .

    And my version of glsl is #version 120
    Graphics card is Nvidia GTX 460

    By the way, the complied result is on error occurred in any shader.

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