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Simply put: no greater effort was spent writing this spec against 3.x.
I considered that possibility. To which I say,

Or alternatively, the ARB doesn't care what version something is written against.
it's damn confusing for anyone trying to follow this stuff, all this lack of control over what version of the API is *really* in play at any given time. I wish the ARB would be more regimented about such things, instead of the "free for all" descriptive style I see in this particular spec. It reminds me of another thread about "API" documentation that you and ManDay got into recently. If extension specs aren't "API documentation," well, it sure would be nice for someone to clean up and produce the real item for the rest of us! This particular extension is particularly bad, among the various extensions I've perused. More typically there's a page or two of stuff about a narrowly focused area, and that's that.

But I get your general point. Don't rely on theoretical docs to describe actual real world capabilities. Thankfully I already believed in that. I'm a little miffed that the 3.x HW on my laptop is even less capable than I thought, and that no HW of a similar era is likely to be any better.