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Thread: Convert 2D images into Stereoscopic images

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    Convert 2D images into Stereoscopic images

    Hello All,

    This is not directly related to OpenGL, but a Computer Graphics based question i would say. I saw that YouTube has a "view in 3D" option these days for some videos, that allows an anaglyphic output of a 2D video, which i am guessing is converted by software. It looks quite good with glasses i must say. I was wondering how this works.

    AFAIK, to generate 3D images(stereoscopic images i mean) we need 2 cameras' perspective merged into an image which then would be shown to each of the eye and thereby generating the depth effect. Can anyone please explain how this can be done via a 2D image? How exactly is that done?


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    I think that alls informations you want are here

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