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Thread: NV bug (tested on 314.14) using storage buffer objects..

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    NV bug (tested on 314.14) using storage buffer objects..

    UPDATE:Sorry for poor code pasting I was testing correct code (with semicolons and defined g_mProjectionInv like mat4x4 so doesn't change any observation)
    Hi I seem to have found a bug using storage buffer objects porting deferred+ code to GLSL
    I tried to use a storage buffer instead of default uniform buffer to see only how affected perf.. so
    Code :
    #ifdef USE_SBO
    layout(binding = 0) buffer cbPerObject 
    uniform cbPerObject
        mat4x4  g_mWorldViewProjection;     
        mat4x4  g_mWorldView;               
        mat4x4  g_mWorld;                   
        float4  g_MaterialAmbientColorUp;
        float4  g_MaterialAmbientColorDown;
    has code like accessing
    Code :
    either using

    shader compiles (ie. generates NV assembly but fails with:
    Code :
    -- error message --
    line 710, column 30:  error: expected ';'
    line 711, column 29:  error: expected ';'
    -- internal assembly text --
    offending lines:
    LDB.F32X4 R3.x, sbo_buf1[112].w;
    LDB.F32X4 R2.x, sbo_buf1[96].w;
    so seems doesn't like .w modifier and seems coming from access to matrices mat4x4
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