I have been working on an application based on OpenGL 2.1.
For several years, no Nvidia driver has given me any trouble, I periodically downloaded and installed the new version with no issues whatsoever. Since version 310.90 or newer, my application can initialize a rendering context, FBO, etc., but then it crashes at various opengl function calls (if I comment out one 'culprit', then there will be another, etc.).
Is there any change in these new drivers, is maybe Open GL 2.1 support dropped? If this is not the right place to ask help with this problem, can someone point me in the right direction?
p.s. I almost forgot that I use Win7 64-bit and my range of cards include the GTX2xx, 5xx and 6xx line, and it doesn't matter which of these I try, they all crash with the new driver but work with any driver before 310.90