I'm trying to locate open source 3D engines on Linux that use "modern" OpenGL 3.3+ with MIT / BSD / zlib licenses. Here's what I'm aware of:

Ogre has a new 3.3 renderer that seems to be a work in progress. Forum entries seem to indicate that "modern" shader architecture stuff for both OpenGL and DX11 are unfinished. I haven't tried to build the sources yet to know where things are really at today. MIT license.

G3D has OpenGL 3.3 but only for Windows and OS X. They used to have Linux support but discontinued it due to too many distros to deal with. A recent mailing list post says they want to reinstate the support. BSD license.

ClanLib seems to support 3.3..4.3 but may not build on Linux. Haven't checked it out yet. Zlib license.

Irrlicht claims OpenGL 3.x on their features page but I couldn't find concrete evidence of it poking at it further. Zlib license.

Cube 2 looks like OpenGL 2.x. Someone's working on something called Tesseract which might have more "dynamic lighting" capabilities, but it's unclear that this means 3.x+. Couldn't pin it down. Zlib license.

Additions and corrections welcome.