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Thread: Hello All...

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    Hello All...

    First wanted to say great site, Glad to be part of it! I am pretty new to OpenGL. I have learned just the basics durring my free time and hope to get more out of it. Reason i started to learn it is , Awhile back i started createing a game using Delphi. I love the game but wanted to make it better and multi platform. First started by learning opengl with delphi , as i all ready knew delphi code pretty good. Now I am getting caught up on my C++.

    Who knows if ill ever finish the game as I am sure it will take me some time to get small parts how want them. But it should be fun trying In your all experence, IS C++ the best for using opengl in multi-plateform applications?

    Second if anyone else has free time and intrested in creating a game send me a message. I can let you know more about it. it started as just a fun project, but after creating and finishing the game on delphi code, I now love the game. Its crazy fun


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    i would like to do some game progging - just wrote you.

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    Cool just figured out how to send message on here.

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