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Thread: AMD conditional rendering broken

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    Post AMD conditional rendering broken

    so conditional render always passes if i use GL_QUERY_NO_WAIT, or stalls the GPU driver if i use GL_QUERY_WAIT as a parameter. i couldn't find much info about this issue, except for:
    in my case, it acting differently. i have HD6670 with Catalyst 13.1 Core Profile Forward-Compatible Context

    example of rendering(simplified):
    //render to occlusion query
    Code :
    void renderToOcclusion()
            if(!isEnabled || !isInFrustum || !isDiscardable) {
            glBeginQueryARB(GL_SAMPLES_PASSED_ARB, occQuery);
            modelViewMatrix = currentViewMatrix * modelMatrix;
            lodAvailable = modelStorage[modelId].lodAvailable;
            for(unsigned s = 0, off = 0; s < modelStorage[modelId].data[lodAvailable].numSurfaces; s++)
                glUniformMatrix4fv(SShader[shaderId].shaderSet[programId].uniform_modelViewMatrix, 1, 0, glm::value_ptr(modelViewMatrix));
                glUniformMatrix4fv(SShader[shaderId].shaderSet[programId].uniform_projectionMatrix, 1, 0, glm::value_ptr(currentProjectionMatrix));
                glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, modelStorage[modelId].data[lodAvailable].numIndices[s], GL_UNSIGNED_SHORT, BUFFER_OFFSET(off));
                off += modelStorage[modelId].data[lodAvailable].numIndices[s] * sizeof(short);
            unsigned numSamples = 0;
            unsigned occQueryAvailable = 0;
            while(!occQueryAvailable) {
                glGetQueryObjectuiv(occQuery,GL_QUERY_RESULT_AVAILABLE, &occQueryAvailable); 
            glGetQueryObjectuiv(occQuery, GL_QUERY_RESULT, &numSamples);
            LOG << numSamples << endl;   //!THAT OUTPUTS CORRECT NUMBER OF SAMPLES!

    Code :
    if(isEnabled && isInFrustum)
                    glBeginConditionalRender(occQuery, GL_QUERY_NO_WAIT);
                modelViewMatrix = defaultViewMatrix * modelMatrix;
                normalMatrix = glm::transpose(glm::inverse(glm::mat3(modelViewMatrix)));

    as described above, that results in always rendering all objects with GL_QUERY_NO_WAIT, and freeze with GL_QUERY_WAIT. but glGetQueryObjectuiv(occQuery, GL_QUERY_RESULT, &numSamples) generates correct values and if instead of conditional render i use it's results, i get correct occlusion. but old occlusion query is such a pain in the ass to synchronize. i just don't want to use it anymore. i did expect AMD still having minor problems with their OpenGL implementation, but this is ridiculous. i'm in the debugging nightmare.
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