hi all,

i just downloaded a obj file plus textures from a old counterstrike map.

when i open the obj in blender the map is shown and textured perfectly fine.

Now i wanted to liad it in my engine and i just took a look at the texture coordinates in the obj file, and came across somesthing like this.

Code :
vt 11.2917 -7.3542 0.0000
vt 1.4141 -0.6875 0.0000
vt -0.9193 -0.6875 0.0000
vt 1.4141 -0.9141 0.0000
vt -7.3542 -5.5000 0.0000

well i know that you can set that kind of coords and that opengl will just repeat texture,
but all the text coords for the meshes are set in this strange way ... and looking in the UV editor of blender
the vertex is not evel close to the texture ...

am i missunderstanding somthing here .. or is there a diffent way to describe textures ?