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Thread: weird color problem with openGL

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    Question weird color problem with openGL

    Hi there,

    I got a pretty weird problem with colors and openGL. Since I got my new computer some openGL applications won't draw some spezific colors.
    The first time I took notice was while playing Quake Live. I changed the color of my crosshair to #00ff00 and it became black or transparent while moving it over very dark or black textures. The same with a bright blue color like #0020e0.
    The second time I took notice of this problem was, when I worked in photoshop. bright colors became black.... after I deactivated the openGL acceleration in photoshop, all colors were drawn correctly.

    I found out that every color is affected, which is created by the RGB code R "0" ; G "0" ; B "x" or R "0" ; G "x" ; B "0" or R "0" ; G "x" ; B "x"
    x= value between 1 and 255
    Which means green and blue are the problems when red always has the value "0". Even if there is just the value "1" at red, the color is not just black.
    I got the problem with older drivers aswell.
    by the way: there are no problems in windows generally drawing the colors. If a website or a picture includes this colors, there isn't any problem.

    my system:
    windows 7 64bit service pack 1
    catalyst 12.11 beta drivers
    amd fx
    radeon 7870
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