I can't seem to get this right in my head at the moment

Lets say I have a frustrum with the near plane distance setup as 0.1 and the far plane distance setup as 10000

If I want to cull I work out the box shape and position (very small near near the camera and very large at the far plane). I test each plane of this with with the shapes I want to render and then exclude on demand. This sounds fine and I have something that does this but I am getting lots of strange culling of objects close to me.

I think this is because I have used a value of 0.1 for the near plane distance. So he come the questions :

Is the near plane meant to be where my computer screen is in the scene?
Is 0.1 a good value? It produces a very tiny near plane and any objects close by get culled because of this

I've seen diagrams so I understand the gist of things but not sure where the computer screen comes in to the picture vs my eye. The screen is not a tiny plane with respect to the scene