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Thread: Parallizing OpenGl polygon rendering

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    Parallizing OpenGl polygon rendering

    Does OpenMPI parallizing API support openGL ?
    I was thinking of analysing the performance of polygon mesh generation and antialising using multiple processors located on a cluster . Does OpenMPI support this ? Any other way to do this ?

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    This is probably a wrong forum for your question. Try to find some Open MPI forum on the net.

    If Open MPI supports CPUs only, then parallelizing OpenGL polygon rendering using Open MPI is a pretty useless attempt.
    Before start to analyze performance of "drawing" meshes on CPUs, consider what you can prove if you can generate image on the cluster faster than on the graphics card that costs several order of magnitude less. A very coarse estimation is: a GPU is about two orders of magnitude faster than the same price CPU in "graphical" calculations.
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    OpenMPI would help you with application code to generate polygons, process a database or perform a simulation, but it does not necessarily lend itself to scaling hardware accelerated graphics. You could implement OpenGL using MPI to scale CPU based rendering.

    You could potentially use Opem MPI to help parallelize an application and on each node use graphics hardware then using OpenMPI aggregate the resulting rendered images back to a single node but it is somewhat unconventional and you asking this question implies you have a steep learning curve ahead of you.

    Projects like this already exist and you should perform a search first.

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