Hello all.

I'm currently trying to minimize Compile time and resources by reusing Shaders. My target is not GLSL 4+ with Subroutines, but, I do want to emulate multiple effects per Shader Program.

The Setup is:

- Shader Program
- Shader1
- Shader2

Assume Shader1 has function, "myfunc", and Shader2 wants to use it. Without adding the source code together and compiling it into one Shader Program, how do you 'import' per-se, the function in Shader2? I've seen on the good ol' interwebs that it could be:


Code :
void myfunc() {
  // Do something


Code :
void myfunc();
void main() {

Then attaching the objects/linking the program. This, however, comes up as an error as:

error C3002: call to undefined function "void myfunc();"
Any thoughts as to why this is happening?

- Dennis