Hi everyone,
I just want to ask something about drawing a lot of geometry efficiently.
I read that it would be better to use glMultiDrawElements, however I really don't understand how.
Let's assume we have different objects (3 for instance) , each of them is bound to a VAO.
1/How can we draw all of them at one, or what is the best way to draw them all without having any overload.
Usually we do this :
Bind VAO
Unbind VAO (or delete it).
But in this case how do we do ?
2/What do **indices stand for ( in this example is it an array of NULL) ??? ( I assume that I don't need any offset in the indices)

I recal : l glMultiDrawElements( GLenum mode,const GLsizei * count,GLenum type,const GLvoid ** indices,GLsizei primcount);