I really don't know how i can do it because i'm new in programming with OpenGL. But i want to display the Objects i downloaded from a website.
The Objects i downloaded contains 6 different types:
1 wavefront .obj which i already can load
1 .mtl which i can load too
many .png texture files which i have too convert to .tga but can load too
and then the 3 endings i have problems with:
.dae .smd & .psk

does anybody of you know a loader who supports this?

if not maybe you can give me an example how to load any object from this page: models-resource.com/wii_gamecube/pokepark2/index.html

and i JUST want to LOAD them i don't want to animate it or make actions with it i just want to display them and maybe rotate them

thanks for your help

PS: please excuse my bad english but... i think this is an english forum... but i'm german and my english is like you can see not the best^^ so please feel free to answer me in german *_*