Ive been using OpenGL 1 for a few years and now I want to move on to the programmable pipeline.
There are a few things I would like to know:
-How can I install a newer GL version?
-I dont understand how the GL versions, libraries, DLLs, functions work, ...how are they compiled. I guess they are not just compiled into machine code. ...like my PC supports openGL 4, but Im writing my apps in 1.5. ...but its said that above 3.0 the deprecated functions no longer work.
-Is there such thing that I write an app in a newer GL version and it wont run on an older machine?(or vica versa)
-How hard will it be to switch to the programmable pipeline? I used GLES2 last year, I liked it, but Im so used to the glBegin(GL_LINES) kind of functions....

Thanks a lot in advance!