I do tech support and I am getting mixed messages about if a AMD or NVidia card's specifications say it is OpenGL 2.1 compatible, can this OpenGL level be altered by updating a driver on a PC running Windows 7.

I believe it can increased by updating a driver but customer support from NVidia says "The hardware features like Open GL , Direct X would not be altered by the drivers. They would not be upgradable by drivers or software's."....

I didn't believe it and wrote back to confirm.. as maybe they misunderstood the question.. but support confirmed the response. So I thought the OpenGL forum maybe a better place for the correct answer!!

Basically I work for a Photoshop Plugin company and we have some customers who are running old cards showing OpenGL 2.1 compatible in the specifications and our software needs OpenGL3.0 or later. I have heard that if they update their drivers this could increase the compatibility with a later version of OpenGL but I need to confirm this and don't buy into NVidia's customer care response..

Thank you for any assistance provided.