I'm the author of an open source, cross-platform freeware 3D engine dim3 (www.klinksoftware.com). Two components: the engine and the editor. The editor is all fixed function, it works everywhere. The Engine is all shader code. It works on iOS (es2), OS X with Intel GPU, nVidia, or ATI(AMD) cards, and on the PC with ATI(AMD) or Intel GPU.

On nVidia, it always crashes, the first shader call (against a glDrawArrays), with pretty much any shader, no matter how simple.

Sadly, I don't have this configuration, and debug code to my users isn't getting me anywhere. Has anybody encountered this? Is there a way to get further debug information? I'm sure it's something simple the PC nVidia drivers are doing differently, maybe they require things to be set in a certain order?

Further notes: No built-in variables are used, all vertex, uv, matrixes, etc, are passed in by vertex arrays or uniforms. Everything uses VBOs. The shader compile correctly, and all the locations have proper integers.

You can find the latest PC build at the url above. Should crash right away if you have a PC/nVidia setup.

Any ideas? Anything for me to try?

[>] Brian