First of all, hi! I'm a 2nd year in IT that's into game design, and recently came across a stump, because software rendering is taking too big a chunk of out my CPU to be viable, and so I'm trying to set up OpenGL, to learn a little of it, and have my graphics be drawn by the graphics card, freeing my CPU for the rest of the logistics!

I'm programming c++, in Code::Blocks IDE, using SDL for the context framework, and as seen everywhere, trying to set up glew to ease OpenGL's use.

And I'm having some issues with the linker setup, namely:

obj\Release\main.o:main.cpp.text+0x49): undefined reference to `_imp__glewExperimental'

obj\Release\main.o:main.cpp.text+0x66): undefined reference to `_imp____glewGenBuffers'

I think I did it all right:

-glew32.dll to sys64 (the folder where windows gets the .dll)

-search libs to glew lib folder

-search includes to glew include folder

-add glew32.lib to linker

It's detecting the lib well I believe, because without it I can't compile glewInit(); right.

My includes are:

#include <GL/glew.h>
#include <SDL/SDL.h>

I'm starting to suspect (based on a friend's advice) that it may be my graphic card... but it's "recent", HD 5470 mobility.
I've been, exaggerations aside, an entire afternoon and evening yesterday trying to get this to work!

Thank you!