I'm fairly new to OpenGL. I'm running into a problem with multiple textures:
I'm creating a game. For this, I'm loading in models from external files. All the materials and vertices are loaded in perfectly and can be dislayed.
The problem starts when I have multiple textures in one model. I think it's just a basic concept of textures that I don't see yet, so I'll just post my code.

The loading from external file happens:
Code :
bool Gr_Object::load_materials(ifstream* file, string dir, unsigned int size) {
	for (unsigned int i = 0; i < size; ++i) {
		Material m;
		/* read properties like diffuse, specular,... form file 
		unsigned char length;
		file->read( reinterpret_cast<char*>(&length), sizeof(unsigned char) );
		if (length != 0) {
			char texname[30];
			file->read(texname, length);
			texname[length] = 0;          // add 0-character
			m.image = load_text_image(texname);
		} else {
			m.image = 0;
	return true;

the load_text_image(texname); function is this:
Code :
GLuint Gr_Object::load_text_image(string file) {
	if (file == "") {
		return NULL;
	sf::Image img_data;
	if (!img_data.loadFromFile(file)) {
		cout << "file was not found or could not be read" << endl;
		return NULL;
	GLuint texture;
	glGenTextures(1, &texture);
	glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, texture);
	glTexImage2D(GL_TEXTURE_2D, 0, GL_RGBA, img_data.getSize().x, img_data.getSize().y,0,GL_RGBA,GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE,img_data.getPixelsPtr());
	return texture;
Note: I'm using a library sfml to load in the image.

Now I'm not sure how to set which texture to use? I thought it was done with: glBindTexture
Code :
void Material::set_material() {
	/* set material settings 
	if (image != 0) {
		glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, image);         /* image variable is a GLuint which reffers to the texture */

But this doesn't work. The problem is that only the first texture is used. And it is used on all objects which contain any texture.
So my question is: how are textures set? How can I decide which texture to set "active"?

Thanks for all the help