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Thread: OpenGL should provide direct font support

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    We could create a sub-forum where we put the most hilarious threads so we can get a good laugh when we feel like it ... please Khronos_Webmaster ... have mercy and close this thread.

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    Rediculous, the topic "OpenGL should provide direct font support"
    should be closed by a moderator, because someone has an other another oppinion
    than others.
    The reason it should be closed is because you're negatively contributing to a thread you started.

    You asked for font support. Other people explained why that's just not a realistic or reasonable expectation. You have continued to ask for font support, completely ignoring what everyone else said about it not being realistic or reasonable. Your "argument" is little more than "I think it should exist."

    Then you started an absurd digression into near/far clip planes, which displayed profound ignorance on the subject of how a perspective projection works. When people attempted to correct you and help you understand how perspective projection works, you ignored them. Instead, you "responded" by linking to a few forum topics, quoting several passages about the limitations of near/far, and then declaring the restriction to be "nonsensical".

    That's not an argument. Especially considering your obvious lack of understanding of how this stuff works.

    And then, after almost 6 months (but not quite 6 months, so that the 6 month auto-locking hadn't kicked in yet), you decided to bump the thread. Your bump added no content. If you wanted to see where OpenGL and D3D were 6 months later, you could have simply read the APIs.

    And after that, you posted messages that quite frankly make absolutely no sense. You post random images of stuff. At this point, I'm not even sure you're capable of communication in the English language.

    In short, you have treated this thread as a dumping ground, where you completely ignore any reasoned, substantive argument in favor of repeating the same thing over and over. If you aren't going to respond in a meaningful way to anyone's posts, then why reply at all? Just make your suggestion and leave.

    It should be locked because continued commentary in this thread serves no useful purpose.

    #39 shows that the poster of #39 doesn`t understand the sense of OpenGL font support.
    Just because someone disagrees with you does not mean that they don't understand you. It could just be that they think you're wrong, or haven't presented a case, or are babbling incoherently.

    We could create a sub-forum where we put the most hilarious threads so we can get a good laugh when we feel like it
    We already have that. It's called "Suggestions for the next release of OpenGL".

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    We already have that. It's called "Suggestions for the next release of OpenGL".
    Damn it, you're right. O_o This thread is right up there with the guy who wanted to create an application that turns text fragments into a AAA game or movie.

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    What´s the problem of others regarding OpenGL-Text ?

    OpenGL live text-rendering
    I'm implementing a GUI built on top of OpenGL. I came to the problem that each GUI will have -- text rendering. I know of several methods of rendering text in OpenGL, however, I'm wonderin which of them would be best suited for a GUI.

    Generally in a GUI we have two types of text -- static and live. Static is easy enough -- we can render a TTF to a texture and forget about it. It's the "live" text that is more bothering me -- imagine console, or a live chat in a multi-player game.

    I thought of several options:

    •no special cases -- render and load a texture each time the text changes, keeping in mind only to rerender it when actually new text appears, and trying to split the larger text into small parts (like per chat line). However this would still leave us hanging in cases like a score line that changes all the time, or a intro text that renders "per character" (typewriter style seen in some sci-fi games)
    •quad-per character -- this also seems a popular solution, you prepare a texture with the ASCII table and render a textured quad character. However, I have serious doubts about the efficiency of such a solution. Tips how to make that faster would also be welcome.
    •hybrid solutions -- however I have no idea how to implement that cleanly
    The question hence is -- how to render text in OpenGL efficiently?

    (if this helps, I'm coding in STL/Boost-heavy C++ and aiming at GForce 6 and later graphics cards)

    Any suggestions welcome.

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    The ClanLib SDK can render an entire screen of text using subpixel rendering using a single OpenGL call, by simply batching calls and caching the glyphs in a single texture. (ClanLib has a zlib style license, so you can extract the code or use the SDK). OpenGL does not and should not support fonts directly.

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